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Servon Crew – Valentin Flad

Servon Crew // Valentin Flad from Valentin Flad on Vimeo.

“Here it is!
During this hard long and cold winter, we tried to ride as often as we could. And here is the result. Hard and original tricks, that were mastered 1000 times, until they are for the first time pulled.
And the best in this sport, is to show to people who do, or not Flatland, the progression after long sessions alone, with bike, or together, in the Circle Cow’s famous spot.
I really hope you wil enjoy it. This is the edit (or can we say “video” ?) which I spent the most time to make. Indeed, we began to film the 11/12/11 and finished today, the 12.03/12.
We filmed a total of 114 rushes, over 6 hours, and we broke a frontwheel and a fork.
Moreover, a Pro-French rider asked me if he could have a part in the video. Of course I said yes. And I would thank him a lot for doing it. let’s see at the end of the edit.”
– Valentin Flad, Servon.



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