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Shadow Conspiracy – Cody And Dawson Clark Welcome To The Family

The Shadow Conspiracy is proud to welcome Cody and Dawson Clark, the Wonder Twins to their family and this is their split welcome to the team edit. I really do not know where to start. These two are seriously incredible and both have so much control. Even if they are twins that does not mean they have the same styles of riding. They don’t, but they are both extremely creative and are masters of nose manuals. They really are and no one can’t get even close to them. They are both no strangers to regular and opposite grinds and they are obsessed with pulling trick combos and proper lines. Shadow Conspiracy is really lucky and so are we, because new stuff from the Wonder twins is always a treat to watch. Now hit the play button above and enjoy the technical madness. You would probably need to watch it two or three times to even see all the stuff they nailed down.

shadow conspiracy



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