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The Shadow Conspiracy X Stay Strong Collaboration

I just love seeing companies doing collaboration with Stay Strong. Check a better look at the seat, T-shirt and hat after the jump.
“Today is an extremely proud day for me as I am able to introduce to you, The Shadow Conspiracy x Stay Strong project. Since 1992, Stephen and his family have been close friends of mine. When I found out that Stephen got hurt, it was absolutely devastating to me just as much as it was to BMX. We never want to see one of our own get hurt, but when they do, we have to rally together.

In 2012 Shadow was finally in the position to truly give back. To start, I reached out to a few of our friends and factories that we work with here at Shadow and asked if they would be down for the cause. We hit up Velo for the seats, Quintin for the hats, GGSB for the shirts, and got our art guy Arnaud Mauler involved for the designs. When they found out who it was for, they were more than down to help and also share the profits with our friend Stephen.

The best part of this project beyond everyone coming together and how good the products came out, is that we are also donating $10,000 to to the Stay Strong organization. When I finally crunched the numbers and realized it was going to be such an astounding number, it made all the hard work and hiccups worth it. I can’t thank everyone enough for working with us and Stephen on this project, it means the world to us!

I hope you all enjoy the products and can show your support by going out and purchasing the collection. This project is much more than just some logos and art slapped on a couple products, it’s BMX giving back to BMX.”– Ronnie B., Shadow.



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