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Shane Weston 2014 Fly Bikes Web Video

We all know Shane Weston, if not in person then from the world wide web, and we all know how technical and how crazy he can get. If you are a random person walking by Shane when he fails pulling a trick, you will probably get scared. Why? Because he is screaming like a vocalist from a death metal band and there is a good chance he will throw a bike. Despite this he is one super technical and extremely creative rider. Have you even seen a nollie to hang ten up on a ledge? Shane Weston pulled is as clean as possible in this new 2014 web video from Fly Bikes. Soon after landing a spot on the team Shane got a chance to put out his signature line of products, called the Isla line. More about his signature line can be found on the Fly website.
Now start watching this madness and hold tight.

shane weston



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