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Signature Saturday Challenge!

Signature Saturday Challenge! from HoneyBMX on Vimeo.

Honeybmx guys came to Signature Saturday Challenge on 21st of January held at Signaturebmx warehouse to shoot the official video. Timmo and Mikko worked hard as hell while Markus Manninen (Felt, Etnies) took the titles for combotricks and riders choice, Toivo Sokka (Poc) was the trickster, Aleksi Jokio (Vans, Signaturebmx) dominated the high air on spine and Jonne Hämäläinen (Terrible 1, Signaturebmx) was the styleking. Also Antti Pihlajaniemi, Rasmus Suni and Julius Konttinen were awarded for good riding. A big thanks to our sponsors Signaturebmx, Etnies, Monster and Honeybmx for everything!”DMG.



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