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Simpel Session 10 Full Show

Simpel Session 10 Full Show from Simpel Session on Vimeo.

“After running on Extreme Sports Channel for a year, we’re presenting an online premiere of Simpel Session 10 official full show.
Exclusive interviews with top skaters and riders, 10 year anniversary retrospective, never seen riding footage, party camera and more. Show hosts are Double D and Catfish. Music by Critikal, Mimicry, Carlin, Chungin & the Strap-on Faggots and Araban.
Interviews with skaters Ryan Sheckler, Chris Pfanner, Mack McKelton, Madars Apse, Marc Haziza, Kris Vile, Kurtis Colomonico, Harri Puupponen, Tony Panici, Raimo Kangro, Adrien Boulard, Tim Zom… and BMXers Diogo Canina, Alessandro Barbero, Hoang Tran, Rasmus Paimre, Brian Kachinsky, Sean Sexton, Bart de Jong, Ben Snowden, Kevin Kiraly, Drew Bezanson, Danny Hickerson, Isaac Lesser, Rob Darden…”- Simpel Session



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