Simple Session 12 Final Results

The Simple Session 12 in Tallinn, Estonia just finished and we have the final results. But first I need to say a few words about the event. We saw some of the best BMX riding in the world over the weekend, from crazy big gaps, insane tricks over box jump, stylish shredding around the course and some tech stuff on the rails and ledges. Even if I was seating the whole time here, behind my computer, I still had an amazing time watching all this live streamed. Now read more and check the final results.
Here are a few pulled tricks: 1080, oppo whip to whip back, bikeflip, flair drop-in, nollie to oppo tooth hanger, canonball drop, fronflip flair, frontflip barspin and much much more.

BMX Pro results:
1. Drew Bezanson
2. Brett Banasiewicz
3. Harry Main
4. Daniel Sandoval
5. Pat Casey
6. Michael Beran
7. Bruno Hoffmann
8. Alex Kennedy
9. Kevin Peraza
10. Josh Harrington

Sisters Session results:
1. Camila Harambour
2. Angie Marino
3. Chiara Felder

Best Trick Results:
Tony Neyer (tooth hanger to hop over oppo tooth bonk down the rail)

Highest Bunnyhop:
Chad Kerley – 45.5″
Gabe Brooks – 49″ (Not the winner, but he just show us the he is the king of the hop after the jam)



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