Simple Session 2013 Final Results

Well, there you have it, the 2013 Simple Session in Tallinn, Estonia is over. One more amazing weekend, one more pack of insane riding, crazy good tricks, new pulled tricks like Michael Beran’s 360 bikeflip to tailwhip and Kevin Peraza’s double decade air and simply insanity. We now have the final results from the whole event, so please check the out after the jump and stay tuned for the highlights that will drop in the upcoming hours/days.

Top 10 Finalists:
1. Kevin Peraza
2. Michael Beran
3. Harry Main
4. Daniel Sandoval
5. Kyle Baldock
6. Logan Martin
7. Devon Smillie
8. Pat Casey
9. Bruno Hoffmann
10. Todd Meyn

Failure Best Trick Winners:

1. Stevie Churchill
2. Trey Jones
3. Dan Foley

Xbox Best Trick Winner:
Trey Jones

Sister Session Winners:
1. Camila Harambour
2. Angie Marino
3. Georgia Wheaty

Best Estonia Rider:
Rasmus Raime



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  1. such a good weekend of riding man! not hating at all but to me it always seems like these competitions are so biased towards park riders, for example stevie churchill, bruno hoffman and especially devon smillie’s riding completely blew my mind and somehow neither of them got into the top 5 !!! i respect park riding but dont think that many peoples runs topped devon smillie’s tech wizardry.

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