Simple Session 2013 Qualifying Results

The 2013 Simple Session in Tallinn, Estonia qualifying event is over. All you who watched the whole show live behind your computers, or even better, all you who were there in person, witness, once again, some unreal riding. Some riders were using more the street course, some the ramps and there were some who used almost every single obstacle. For all you who missed it, we now have the qualifying results and the 24 riders who will compete in the finals tomorrow. Check it after the jump and get ready for highlights that will drop in a matter of hours.

1. Kyle Baldock
2. Kevin Peraza
3. Daniel Sandoval
4. Devon Smillie
5. Logan Martin
6. Pat Casey
7. Todd Meyn
8. Harry Main
9. Stevie Churchill
10. Daniel Tünte
10. Simone Barraco
12. Jack Watts
13. Alex Kennedy
13. Bruno Hoffmann
14. Alex Kennedy
15. Dan Paley
16. Ryan Taylor
17. AJ Anaya
18. Anthony Perrin
19. Tommy Dugan
20. Trey Jones
21. Michael Beran
22. Sebastian Keep
23. Shanon Ferugia
24. Jack Clark



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