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S&M Bikes – Credence C.C.R. & M.O.D. Frames Promo & Out Now

We know S&M Bikes are doing one hell of a USA made frames, all by their hands of course, and I know that Clint Reynolds, even if not showing that too much, is really stoked to get S&M Bikes’ support to get his Credence (a project of his, that was started about six years or so ago) frames back. This is a promo to announce that the new C.C.R. (Clint’s Signature) and M.O.D. (Matty Aquizap’s and James P. Nutter’s signature) frames and the Credence 8.7″ bar are out now and ready to shred. There is also some sweet trails riding from Clint himself, Matty Aquizap and James P. Nutter. I like the idea of giving every frame out with a stencil, so the word of S&M Bikes and Credence can be spread and sprayed around the world pretty easy. But be careful, do not spray your fingers, or your mom will be mad.

Clint Reynolds



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