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Too Small Bikes 2

TOO SMALL BIKES 2 from Julius on Vimeo.

If anyone is down for some really good flatland riding, you mast watch this “Too Small Bikes 2” video. Maybe today it’s not the right day, but tomorrow when everyone will be fighting with the hangover it will be. The video is featuring Jussi Laukkanen, Aapo Airas, Asko Relas, Érico Melo, Aleksi Ritsilä, Bert Ribul, Julius Salo, Moto Sasaki, Jesse Puente, Jean-Francois Boulianne, Navid Saleki, Diego Tejada, Pawel Bobowik, Matthias Dandois, Brett Banasiewicz, Alberto Moya Fernández, Kevin Laugier, Miguel Tardío González, Rayk Hahne, Ronny Engelmann, Andrew Cooper, Erik Hogers and many more.



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