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Solid AZ Trip Photos

Solid posted a few photos from their recent trip to AZ.
“The trip was awesome, by far one of the best I’ve ever been on. We started out in Phoenix, went down to Tucson, back up to Phoenix, and then over to Riverside. Everyone stayed laughing and smiling the whole time with no saltiness. With the amount of blunt smoking and beer drinking that was constantly going on, you wouldn’t have thought that shit was gonna go down like it did, pulling moves coming straight down from the heavens. We rode a bunch of shit, and no one really got hurt or arrested, and somehow stuff just kept working out for us. Thanks to Don in Phoenix, Aaron Huff, Cody Brown, and Midget Cory. And thanks to the uncommonly nice police officers in Phoenix, especially the one who gave us directions to differents spots. Expect some photos and footage soon. Who you gonna tell?”– CAP



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