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Solid BMX In Salt Lake City – Part 1

The first part of Solid’s trip to Salt Lake City with Kevin Malia, Jase Knack, Nick Hammer, Stephen Perjanik, Tristan Adams, Tanner Easterla and Wolfman.
“This time around we had a smaller crew, our new filmer Anthony Hernandez, one Wolfman, and one destination, the holy mormon city of Salt Lake City where alcohol is measured by weight. We made great time across Nevada only making one stop in the gambling town of Wendover to stock up on their higher percentage beer and liquor and then straight to Jase’s boy Curtis Nalley’s house where he let us stay in his garage for three nights. Thanks again for that! It was a nice garage for all of us dirt bags and he had like seven other roomates too. That was our base of operation for the first part of the trip. From there we went downtown and stayed at some shitty hotel that had razor blades on the bathroom counter. After that we stuck to the luxurious accomadations of Motel 6 and worked our way around the outskirts of the city, before eventually ending back in downtown Salt Lake. In between all of that we got in a session at Beringer’s house which was an awesome time, and found some good street spots downtown and at the university. There are also a ton of really good parks out there, too many to hit all in one trip, but we managed a decent amount. Altogether a pretty successful trip, no one got arrested, the weather was perfect, and the beer still actually got you drunk.”Solid.



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