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South Korea Slide Show

“South Korea… what a treat. I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I virtually knew nothing about SK before going there 2 weeks ago. Though that doesn’t make me particularly happy, I can honestly say that I love going places that I have no idea what to expect. Well, fellow T1er, Joseph Frans, and myself made the Trans-Pacific journey on the 23rd of August, only to arrive in a place that we will never forget. Always impossible to put this all into words, so I thought a nice little slide show would be a good representation of our visit. I got hurt riding vert on the 3rd day, so riding was cut short, as well as my ability to get “out and about”. But . . . we had a blast to none the less. Thank you so much to Boosung, Ross, Jin, Randolph, and David from ISAW. We will be back for Round 2 one day. Enjoy!”– Joe Rich



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