Sports Clothing

Outdoor clothing has two functions. The first is to keep you comfortable as you pursue your outdoor interests and the second is to make you look good while doing it. Brands like Arbor and 686 can cover you from top to bottom in some of the most stylish fashions around.

The outdoor apparel made by 686 is crafted by riders for riders. This group is one of the few remaining independently owned companies in the sports industry and they are fiercely proud of their reputation. They use the highest quality materials that are assembled to surpass industry standards. As an outdoor enthusiast you rely on your clothing and gear to keep you dry, warm and comfortable. Products that don’t perform as promised can put you in a life-threatening situation. 686 stands by their products because everyone from the president down to the stock boy uses them.

686 brings a full line of products to the public. They have whatever you need from outerwear to shorts, shirts and pants. 686 even makes great looking beanies. Keeping your head warm in the winter calls for fashionable yet functional head wear and 686 beanies are the perfect blend of toasty warmth and good looks. Click here to see 686 beanies.

Arbor clothing is designed with fashion, function and the environment in mind. Arbor’s new spring collection features recycled plastics turned into fashionable outdoor apparel. The edgy dresses, breathable woven shirts and stylish pants made from environmentally friendly materials and methods show how Arbor cares about fashion and for the outdoor world you enjoy. At Wired Sport, Arbor clothingis committed to reducing their impact on the environment and creating sustainable local economies. Arbor uses the most environmentally sound fabrics and has started bringing manufacturing back to California. These actions put Arbor at the front of the industry for sustainability. You can see Arbor clothing here.

You want to get outside and take part in the natural world. Boarding on snow or concrete requires outdoor apparel that enhances both your performance and enjoyment. Chose products designed by people who understand the demands of the sport. You can also put your money to good use by purchasing from companies that are working to save the environment. 686 and Arbor are two brands that make the products you want plus make you look and feel good wearing them.



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