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Spots from DeferoVideoMag on Vimeo.

“A little video I put together with all my footage from the last year or so. Nothing too serious, just everyday street nibbling from Melbourne Australia.
Riders are Cassius “Cassometer” Ellis, Chris “Flagz” Matthews, Leigh “Gino” Giason, Samuel “Woody” Wood, Adrian “Gonz” Galahs, Cal “The Goon” Ellington, Oli “facebook” Zefferts, Mikey “Clayboy” Rands, Nick “Hills” Hoist, Hugh “Horse Boy” Andrew, Greg “Cave Man” Barnes, Louie “Pooie Sleeves” Reeves, Louis “Scerbs” Petridish, Brock “Mark” Waugh, Harry “Garbage Bag” Yardley, Corey “no nickname” Sengstock, Max “Lad” Smithers, Marco “the german” Spanagal, Laz “skinny man” Acres, Sam “Dowza” Dowley and Toby “goatse” Orchard.
Filmed and Edited By Toby – DeferoVideoMag.”



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