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Stay Strong Trail Jam

“Stephen Murray threw a huge trail jam in his backyard to break in the new jumps built by Adam Aloise and his crew. Hundreds of people showed up to support Stephen and rove that BMX dirt is alive and well in Riverside. Riders include Seth Murray, Corey Bohan, Drew Bezanson, Nick and Sean Tarrant, Anthony and Ronnie Napolitan, Big Daddy, Hucker, Kris Fox, Joey Cordova, Luke Parslow, Ricky Moseley, Tj Ellis, Heath Pinter, Brandon Dosch, Seth Klinger, Zack Warden, Cory Nastazio, Colton Satterfield, Ryan Guettler, Jack Fahey, Daniel Chiarelli, Jadin Covert, Ben Wallace, Adam Aloise, Barry Nobles, Todd Lyons, Dylan Stark, Jourdan Barba, Justin and Todd Spriet, Danny Josa, Jake Kinney, Brian Johnson, Fernando Sabat, Andre Ellison and more.”Dylan Pfohl



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