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Best Of Stevie Churchill New 2013

I know we have already seen most of the footage that is featured in the Best Of Stevie Churchill New 2013 web video (well, there are a few, older ones, that I am sure lot of you haven’t seen yet), but this is still mind blowing and such a good example how good Stevie really is. It is hard to describe his skills, because he can pretty much do everything he wants, on flat ground, down big sets of stairs, in a skatepark, on a rail, etc. Just ridiculous.
I am always asking myself where will this go next, what will be next insane tricks and trick combos we will see pulled on the streets (and skateparks). I really don’t have the answer, cause all this is getting out of control, but I know we will be seeing BMX going bigger and better (with less injuries, I hope).

Best of Stevie Churchill 2013



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