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Stevie Churchill And Brandon Begin Skatepark Edit

During the time spent in the Los Angeles area, Stevie Churchill and Brandon Begin were super busy stacking clips for their upcoming OSS web videos. But even if being super busy, they still managed to film plenty of clips here and there to make this skatepark edit happen. Both, Stevie Churchil and Brandon are seriously amazing, but the focus in here is on Stevie. This kid is seriously mental, from pulling some crazy technical stuff to insane and extremely smooth 540s. But we must not forgot about Brandon Begin, kid gets also very technical in here. But I liked that fakie 540 down the quarter the most. He pulls it just as clean as possible. I can not wait to see their upcoming videos – they will be sick and we all now it. With such sick riders it is really hard to imagine how wild videos will be.
Get a doze of Stevie Churchill and Brandon Begin craziness now.

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