Stolen Bikes Arizona

I can imagine how much it sucks when your bike gets stolen, so a couple of friends started a Facebook group, called Stolen Bikes Arizona. If you live in that area, I recommend you to join the group, your never know, it can happen to you tomorrow (I really hope it wont!).
“Just wanted to say whats up and tell you about a new facebook community. Its called Stolen Bikes Arizona and were a community trying to stop/recover stolen bikes. Basically when someone posts up “hey my bike got stolen” they share a picture, tell us about the bike we post the bike on our page and a network of people all across our state will start looking for it. Along with posting stolen bikes we are also going to teach our community how to prevent there bike from being stolen, what to do when your bike is stolen, what to do if you know who stole it, how to recover your bike/contact the police and even how to buy used bikes on craigslist.”– David Borland



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