Stolen USA – In-House Distribution for Stolen/Fiction, Closes Vault Park

“Stolen USA plans to start distribution operations in the Fall of 2012. Stolen USA will use its in-house distribution to reconnectwith dealers, get a better understanding of the retailer’s needs, and provide an additional supply line for the Stolen and Fiction brands. Currently, QBP is the sole US distributor for both Stolen and Fiction. Stolen USA’s inventory in SoCal will compliment QBP’s current distribution centers in Utah, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania.
On April 28th at 10:00PM Stolen will end regular public access to the Vault Park, which is an indoor ramp park located inside their La Habra, CA warehouse. There will be a final public event on May 12-13, 2012, which will be combined with a StolenWarehouse sale.
Since the completion of the Vault Park in June of 2010, the park has been frequented by most of the top teams, riders and company personnel in BMX. The success of Stolen’s indoor ramp park has resulted in the posting of 28 video edits in just 19 months of operation. The Vault will continue to host video premieres and have limited access events inside its facilities.”



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