Stop Beech Grove Skatepark From Being Remvoed

Help guys in need with signing this petition and help them keep the Beech Grove Skatepark.

“Beech Grove skatepark has been around for years, and in those many years it has occupied the skaters and bikers of Beech Grove and its surrounding cities and towns. Recently, the Park Board of Beech Grove voted to remove the skatepark because it is in bad shape and there is insufficient funds to repair or replace it.
However, the skatepark keeps children out of trouble. It keeps the inhabitants that skate or bmx from doing illegal things such as riding on private property and doing illegal drugs. It also keeps the children active to prevent them from being overweight/obese. Just because the ramps are damaged does not mean it should be removed. If the skatepark is removed, the bikers and skaters will ride or skate other places in Beech Grove; private property. That’s property that’s damaged and kids getting in trouble for having nowhere to have fun. It’s the only thing that bikers and skaters will be able to resort to without a skatepark nearby.
For the sake of Beech Grove, please sign this petition!”



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  1. Where is the claimed 20 year warranty on this park? Has anyone reviewed the original purchase documents and approached the manufacturer to make this right?

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