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I Can’t Stop Trailer

I Can’t Stop Trailer from shane mclellan on Vimeo.

“First trailer for the upcoming full length BMX DVD I Can’t Stop, by Shane McLellan. Filming and trips have been a blast so far, everyone’s going hard.
This will also feature a sound track with original music by Equalibrum and Bsides. Out early Fall 2012.
Featuring: Quincy Dean, Chris Bracamonte, Sean Morr, Nick Castillo, Will Talamelli, Pauly Barnum, Tom Burke, Mike Macisco, Aber Lizama, Stevie Churchill, Alex Auerbach, Cody Bowers, Chris Arriaga, John Glassett, Bama, Kyle Frazier, Danny Griffith, Matt Petrissans, Fakie, Manther, Matt Barchus, Brandon Begin, Tom Lavorgna, Glen Girbovan.”
– Shane Mcllelan.



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