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Street Series In Barcelona By Dub And Monster

The Street Series stop in Barcelona, hosted by Dub and Monster Energy, went down recently and even if having some rain issues, the turnout was amazing. Adam from The Come Up BMX was the one holding the camera and capturing the best moments from the day. Somewhere around 300 riders came to enjoy the amazing spots of Barcelona, Spain and to watch pros and amateurs killing it to the fullest. Some really heavy stuff in here, plenty of tech, what made this Street Series stop a mad stop. Dakota Roche, Alex Kennedy and Dan Lacey all kinda stand out in here, but we need to mention Zunda, Budko and the rest (who I do not recognize). It was a heavy day and here is also a good proof how nothing can stop a BMX ride. Security sitting on a rail but Dan Lacey still manages to pull perfect tooth hanger to hop over.

street series



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