Subrosa Team Rider Update

Subrosa’s got a team rider update with Mark Mulville. Click here to check more photos from his time at the lake.
“After riding the trails the other day and sweating my ass off in 90 degree winter weather, we all decided to take it to the bark yard to go play in the lake. We fixed up the raft and pushed out to the middle of the lake and all had a nice swim to cool off. Then me and a few others got our surf boards out and paddled around the lake for a bit which was pretty random, but fun as hell. The next day I ended up going back out on the raft for a little cool down swim again. Afterward when I was pushing back in, I saw a huge Alligator Gar around 3 foot swim by me. I’m not sure if they would bite people, but it was still a little scary. Didn’t phase us though, we all went back out a bit later anyway. Casselberry Trails are seriously the shit! I feel like I don’t have to leave the place. There are super good trails in the front yard, pump track and mini ramp in the back yard, a huge fire pit, lake, woods, and much more.… SO AWESOME!”– Mulville



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