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Sunday 24″ Wave-C Frame

Click here for more infos and here is what they have to say about it:
“Yes, the highly anticipated 24? Wave C frame is now available! We’ve made some updates to the original Model-C frame that make it even stronger and more agile. The chainstay length was shortened from 15? to 14.6? which will allow the front end to come up easier and make it easier for spinning tricks. All of our aftermarket frame features like Wave toptube and downtube, hollow dropouts with built in chain tensioner, removable brake mounts, cable channel, post-weld machining of the bb and headtube and 41 Thermal heat-treating can all be found on this frame. Plus we’ve added more room to the frame by offering it in a larger 22? size, so you’ll be able to get it in either 21.25? or 22?. This is one tough frame!”



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