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Svit Zagorc Bike Check

Check Svit Zagorc’s parts list after the jump.

Frame: S&M Tony Cardona 21?
Bar: Mutiny Glam
Forks: WTP Helium
Stem: Salt plus
Grips: vansXcult waffle
Headset: WTP
Seat: WTP
Seat Post: Animal Wedge
Seat Clamp:/
Cranks: Amity Zenta
Bottom Bracket: WTP
Sprocket: WTP
Pedals: Eclat Surge
Rims (Front / Rear): Eclat Bondi Aero/Eclat Bondi Straight
Hubs (Front / Rear): Salt plus/salt plus
Tires (Front / Rear): Animal GLH 2.1/ Animal ASM 2.1
Spokes: WTP
Chain: Cult
Pegs: WTP



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