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Syndicate Bikes

I just got an email from Jukka from Finland who is studying mechanical engineering about his bike company, Syndicate Bikes. Right now he is specialized in hubs, hub guards, sprockets, grip gloves and some other stuff. Please, check out what this guy is doing on this link. I just love seeing people doing their own stuff.

“Welcome to Syndicate bikes website.
Syndicate bikes is a finnish company founded in 2008. We make products for mtb- and bmx bikes. The goal is to manufacture Finnish made, well engineered bike parts. All of these aspects are provided to the customer with a reasonable price and good customer service.
Why 20? and 26?? They both share a common feature – the aim is to have fiun and enjoy bike riding. At that point the size of the wheel doesn´t matter, whether it is 20? or 26?. Therefore the company name – Syndicate bikes.
Because the desingning and manufacturing are made in house or close subtractors the production can be very flexible. That makes different custom projects possible – such as axles, sprockets, chainguides etc. Every single part of the products are also separately available. Ask for more info!
Besides all of these things you know where your bike parts are made.
For more info or when ordering please mail to”
– Jukka Mäennenä.



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