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Brandon Loupos And Stuart Gibson At 040 BMX Park

In just one hour of time Mike Askari filmed all these sweet clips from Brandon Loupos and Stuart Gibson while they were having a session over at the 040 BMX Park. Brandon was on a tour with Nitro Circus and it was just a perfect time to hit the skatepark and have some fun.
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040 BMX Park – Team Edit

040 BMX park officially opened their doors in January 2012 and since day one they started supporting a few local riders. Now after all the injuries, the crew managed to came out with a serious piece, full of big stuff. Featuring Kenneth Tancre, Shanice Silva Cruz, Channon Balorian, Paul Thoelen, Nicky Van Der Veen and Tom Van Den Bogaard. Madness.
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Nicky Van Der Veen’s Quick Clips At 040 BMX Park

Over the course of a few hours long session at the 040 BMX park, Nicky Van Der Veen fired out some serious skatepark moves. Nicky has a smooth and flowy style of riding, but from time to time he surprises with big tricks like backflip tailwhip, flair tailwhips, 360 double tailwhips and other insane air stunts. Filmed and edited by Mike Askari.
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040 BMX Park 2013 Open Contest

To officially open the season of 2013 there was a 2013 Open Contest organized at the 040 indoor BMX skatepark in Netherlands and here are the highlights from the happening. Daniel Wedemeijer boosted a few big airs and transfer, but I also need to mention all the rest of the riders who killed it really hard.
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040 BMX Park “Biljart” Challenge

The locals at the 040 BMX Park are always challenging each other, but tho make things more interesting, they first play pool and than the winner calls a trick that looser must do. This game was a short one, so they had more time for a session. Filmed by Timo Van Lierpo.

040 BMX Park – 1 Year Anniversary Contest Highlights

The 040 BMX park was recently celebrating it’s first anniversary and to celebrate it in style, owners organized a contest. This was the first big pro contest at this skatepark in Eindhoven, Holland after the Rebeljam back in 2011. Lot of riders came and lot of crazy riding went down, also a 1080. Winner was Declan Brooks, followed by Jack Watts and Issac Lesser.
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Tom Van Den Bogaard At 040 BMX Park

Tom Van Den Bogaard from Aarle-Rixtel, Netherlands, is no stranger to the 040 BMX indoor skatepark. he pretty much killed every inch of the park and filmed a really awesome and stylish web edit for our viewing pleasure. Filmed and edited by Aston Egelmeers.
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Monster Energy At Official Opening 040 BMX Park

“Recently the official opening of the 040 BMX PARK in Eindhoven, Netherlands. A few pre-sessions had taken place prior to the opening day but from now on the park has regular opening hours and is open to everyone. Pegs allowed.
The crew has worked hard and built a new indoor park with the help of the ramps they got donated by the Vans Rebeljam fuelled by Monster Energy. The separate room on the side and the to be finished bowl are two nice extra’s for those who make the trip to Strijp-S area in Eindhoven.
Pim van den Bos (the owner) and local BMX riders Daniel Wedemeijer, Nicky van der Veen and Desmond Tessemakers give their feedback on how good the park is, a big shout out to the Vans Rebeljam and its sponsors to make all this possible.
For more info on the park go to”
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