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2020 Magazine Issue 49 Preview

Here is a preview of the 49th issue of the Australia based BMX magazine, the 2020 magazine, with Jason Watts on the cover. If you are from Down Under get to your local store and grab a copy or hit their app to get the digital version of it.

House Of Hammers Highlights

The video from last year’s House Of Hammer event that went down in Sydney, Australia was in the works for a long time, but who cares, it was definitely worth the wait, cause this is more than amazing. This was the first event of it’s kind in the Australia and I really hope there will be many more, cause this is too good. A lot of riders came, the crowd was big and plenty of serious rail and ledges stunts went down. Enjoy. Made by 2020 Magazine.
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Ryan Guettler Colony Ad

This is Colony’s latest print ad that is running in the current issue of the 2020 magazine, shot by Brandon Means and featuring Ryan Guettler getting a backflip tailwhip done.

Brock Olive Dishonour Ad

Check out the latest Dishonour Brand ad featuring Brock Olive with a double peg to hard over 360. You can find this one in the latest issue of the 2020 magazine. Wild move.

End Of Daylight Savings Jam 2013 Highlights

2020 Magazine has highlights for you from the fifth annual End Of Savings Saving Jam that took place on April 6th at the Five Dock skatepark in Sydney, Australia. I love these kind of jams, no pressure, just good times, good weather and shredding all day.
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2020 Magazine Issue 47 Preview

The new issue of the 2020 magazine, issue 47, is hitting stores around Australia starting today. But before you get yourself a fresh copy, check out the preview above and check this massive feeble grind on a rail from Calvin Kosovich on the cover.

Everyday Is A Saturday Part 3.7

2020 Magazine is back with another edit from Troy Charlesworth’s Everyday Is A Saturday video, featuring riding from Jayden Roxburgh, Brock Olive, Polly, Clint Millar, Tom Stretton, Jonny Wakefield, Dave Dillewaard, Jamie Mauri, Sam Illman, Jay Wilson, Troy Jackson, Flagz and Mitchel Macdonald. Enjoy in some Aussie action.
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Everyday Is A Saturday Part 3

It is time for another, third, part of the Everyday Is A Saturday video, featuring Marc Arnold, Cooper Brownlee and Daniel Johnson. These dudes are taking in to the rails and ledges, but there are also a few gaps and whips in here, not meant to be missed. Enjoy.
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New 2020 Magazine Cover, Issue 46

The issue 46 of the 2020 BMX magazine is hitting stores around Australia this week. Dean Anderson scored the cover with a stylish nac nac over the spine. Find out what are articles will be featured in this magazine by clicking on this link.
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Free 2020 Magazine, Best Of 2012 Issue

It is time of the year when companies are giving away free stuff. Guys over at 2020 magazine decided to threw together all the best content from their past issues of 2012 and make it online for our viewing pleasure. What is even better is that this 45.5 issue is free, all you have to do is click here, download their free app (for iPad, iPad Mini and iPhone) and then download the issue.