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Diamondback “In Transit Tour”

Back in September we posted the trailer for Diamondback’s “In Transit Tour” video and today we are posting the final product which features riding from Ben Hucke, Jay Cowley, Ollie Palmer, Roger Soler, Nik Ford, Aaron Nardi and Karl Feix. Seat Back, relax and enjoy while the crew shreds and kills skateparks.
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Behind The Scenes – Rick Thorne Episode 1

ESPN and Aaron Nardi are back with another series of Behind The Scene, this time with the legend, the Biker in Black, Rick Thorne. The first episode is about his early days, how he met up with fellow pro riders and how he was doing more than 100 shows in a row.
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Remembering X – At Interbike 2013

This ESPN’S special edition of the Remembering X series, where Aaron Nardi talked to the people over at the Interbike 2013 to remember their first, most interesting, most wild, disgust moments at Interbikes. Definitely the most interesting one to date. Get ready to hear some wild things.

Interbike 2013 By ESPN

A recap from the Interbike 2013, made by ESPN’S Aaron Nardi. Aaron takes you inside the show and gives you a quick look what brands like Shadow Conspiracy, Cult, Eastern Bikes, Sunday Bikes, S&M Bikes and other have to offer. I am still really siked about the whole Cult and The Simpsons collaboration.

Diamondback “In Transit Tour” Trailer

Ollie Palmer, Karl Feix, Ben Hucke, Jay Cowley, Roger Soller, Aaron Nardi and Nik Ford in a trailer for Diamondback’s upcoming video “In Transit Tour.” If being on a tour with a heavy crew as this one, you know wild things will go down.
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Behind The Scenes – Ryan Humphrey Episode 1

ESPN and Aaron Nardi are back with a new series of Behind The Scenes. This time a four part series featuring New York City BMX inspired artist Ryan Humphrey. Ryan talks about his beginning in BMX, how he got into freestyle, how BMX kept him away from bigger troubles and much more.
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Getting Serious With Ben Hucke – Episode 7

Sweet, the seventh episode of Getting Serious With Ben Hucke, brought to you by Diamondback is here. Ben is prinitng T-shirt, well not actually, he just watches the whole process, rollerblades and does some riding with Levi. Guest clips by Paddy Gross and Aaron Nardi. Seat back, relax and enjoy the vid.
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Behind The Scenes – Props Road Fools Part 2

Here is the second part of the behind the scenes from ESPN about the Props Road Fools. Chris Rye and Aaron Nardi are talking about what is the main thing that made Road Fools so special and more along with they telling you about their favorite Road Fools video. I kinda like every movie, but I like the first 10 better than the newest ones.

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Getting Serious With Ben Hucke – Portland, Oregon

ESPN dropped a new installment in the Getting Serious with Ben Hucke series where Ben visits Portland, Oregon and does a bunch of shredding at local skateparks. I really like how there is almost only riding in here and nothing else, but not only from Ben, also from Bruce Crisman, Aaron Nardi and others. Ben pulled his first switch toothpick hangover in here and Little Jeff did a killer cruise around the park first time after three months. Enjoy.
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Deluxe “Part Deux” – Intro At Blue Bench, California

People over at Deluxe started uploading their second full length video “Part Deux” and here is the intro part that they filmed at the Mike Saavedra’s Blue Bench trails in California. Intro filmed by Aaron Nardi. All you trails riders out there get stoked, cause there is plenty more to come.
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