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Aaron Ross Odyssey Print Ad / Wallpaper

This was originally a print advert but is now up and ready for you as a wallpaper to download it and set it for your new desktop background. Aaron Ross with a really long up double peg grind to hop over to wallride for Odyssey.

Red Bull Urban Rhythm Video

Here is now the video from the Red Bull Urban Rhythm event that went down in Houston. BMX riders were build this crazy course and graffiti artists were creating masterpieces on walls. Riding from Mike “Hucker” Clark, Mike Aitken, Coco Zurita, Tyler Fernengel, Drew Bezanson, Aaron Ross and more. Check out what happened over there by checking the vid above.
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Inside The Bakery Ep. 4 – BMX Block Party

The fourth episode of the Inside The Bakery web series from Red Bull just dropped and it is about Aaron Ross’ visit to Chicago. Brian Kachinsky was super stoked to have him come to his new place and surprises him with a completely new setup, black with a freecoaster. Aaron and Brian along with The Bakery crew took a cruise around town, hit the block party and did all bunch of fun stuff.
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Sunday Bikes – Most Complete Completes Video

Like every year, Sunday Bikes dropped a web video featuring their riders on their complete bikes, to show the whole world how similar they are to their personal setups. Featuring Aaron Ross, Gary Young, Alex Magallan and Chris Childs.
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Aaron Ross – Firing Bunnyhop Tailwhip

How sick is this? Aaron Ross gets a bunnyhop tailwhip done while both of his wheels are on fire, yep, on fire. Be very careful, if you are planing to try something like this, or even better, don’t do it, cause Aaron already did it for you.
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The Bakery’s Dozen With Aaron Ross

From a really colorful bike to all black machine, Aaron Ross and The Bakery are now out with a new “Baker’s Dozen” web piece. With the addition of a freecoaster to his bike, Aaron started to getting to a whole new level of riding. A lot of incredible moves in here the will make you go wow. Boom.
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Texas Toast Jam With Aaron Ross

Another rad edit from the 2013 Texas Toast Jam, brought to you by Red Bull. Aaron Ross hit the pro dirt competition, then went street riding around Austin with Corey Martinez and Mat Houck and ended up watching pro street finals competition. Hit it.
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The Bakery – Preheating With Aaron Ross

The Bakery caught up with Aaron Ross, to talk about his favorite obstacle at the skatepark for a preheating to his original edit, which will be dropping this Friday, November 8th. Only one thing can be sad about everything, since we all know how good of a rider Aaron is, things will go out of control.
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Empire BMX – Hoss’s House

Empire BMX dropped this rad new edit from a backyard ramp setup featuring Dylan Smith, Tom Smith, Chase Hawk, Tom Dugan, Aaron Ross, Justin Kee, Hanson Little, Mat Houck, Josh Dissinger, Devin Fredlund, Ryan Smith and Nathan Hostick. That 360 over the fence from Dugan was pretty insane.
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Our Wax 2013 Promo

Now this is a proper promotional video for a wax. Mike Hinkens, Grant Castelluzzo, Aaron Ross and more getting their pegs to use on waxed rails and ledges for the Our Wax brand.
“Our Wax has DIFFERENT SHAPES for rails or ledges.
Our Wax has FINGER HOLDS for grip.
Our Wax is SOFT on the flat side for concrete or unwaxed surfaces.
Our Wax is HARD on the arched side for rails or metal surfaces.
Our Wax is HANDMADE by riders and to be used by riders.”

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