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Adam Kun Is The Newest Kunstform International Rider

Hungary based flatland rider Adam Kun just got added to the Kunstform BMX shop from Stuttgart, Germany and this is his welcome to the team edit. It is really no secret that Adam is one of the best flatland riders in the world at the moment. His riding skills are way above the average and he is capable of pulling just everything. Thanks for the slow motion clips in here, I was able to see what he is actually pulling. Everything goes so fast and I am quite sure there are stuff in here you haven’t seen before. I am no flatland expert, but this new Adam Kun web video is really, really heavy. You better start watching it now, no matter what kind of style you are into. This one is for all.
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Adam Kun “Total Living” 2013

World wide web is constantly hungry for new Adam Kun stuff and here is a great dose of Adam, that will satisfied all of us for a while. Adam has so much skills and so much style and if you put both together you get some unreal and incredible riding. Enjoy some flat.
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Art BMX #4

The Art BMX, issue 4, is now on the web and ready for you to flip through it and check all the good content it includes on those 182 pages. Coco Zurita, Kill The Line, Worlds, Adam Kun’s Miami trip and much much more.

Adam Kun – Ride In The Dark

Adam Kun put a camera on his bike, turned off lights and did a session at this indoor flatland spot somewhere in Szeged, Hungary. It is a short one, but everyone who know the level of Adam’s riding, knows it is going to be a proper short edit.
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Adam Kun And JF Boulianne – Windy Session

Adam Kun and JF Boulianne got together at this flatland spot in Budapest, Hungary on a windy day recently and got a session done. I don’t know how windy it really was, but with or without wind, these to came out amazing, with so much clean stuff. Also, great filming and editing by the way.
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Monster Energy BMX Freestyle Exams 2013

Now this is pretty awesome. Monster Energy sent Pat Casey, David Peraza, Nicholi Rogatkin and Adam Kun to represent and show what BMX is all about in the Caribbean area. They did plenty of demos along with the local shredders and kids went nuts when seeing what freestyle BMX really is.
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Holiday Flatland Cup Vol 4 – Kecskemet

Pretty damn good filmed and edited highlights from the Holiday Cup Vol 4 competition, that went down in Kecskemet, Hungary. If you need a doze of great flatland riding, I highlight suggest you you start pressing the play button above and enjoy the riding.
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BMX Worlds 2013 – Flatland Top Three

And now to the last in the series of Top Three finalists video from the BMX Worlds 2013 contests. Seat back, relax and enjoy in technical wizardy stuff from Matthias Dandois, Terry Adams and Adam Kun. What to say, these guys always spin my head around and make me feel dizzy. Enjoy.
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BMX Worlds 2013 Flatland Results

You watched BMX Worlds 2013 yesterday? I didn’t due to a running race, but am I am looking forward what Sunday will bring and can not wait to see the madness. The flatland contest is over and these are the tom three, Adam Kun on first place, Dominik Nekolny on second place and Matthias Dandois on third.
Make sure you watch Adam’s final run below. This guy is so ridiculously smooth. Enjoy in this wizard stuff.

Adam Kun “My Reality”

I was really looking forward to this one and it is now here. The Adam Kun My Reality web video is out and much better than expected. Top notch filming, editing and of course riding, including a few of Adam’s signature tricks, focused on the unreal Monster Whip.
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