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MLK Park “I Have A Dream” Sessions Part 3

Oh man, this is so good. The third part of “I Have A Dream” sessions at Long Beach’s MLK concrete skatepark with Ryan “Biz” Jordan, Devon Smilie, Ben Lewis, Alfredo Mancuso, Adam22 and Josh Delcour. These guys killed it from start till the end, but I think that Devon won with the up crank grind to manual to barspin to feeble to hard 180 line. Enjoy.
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TCU Contennial Skatepark Session

Nate Richter ht up Contennial skatepark in Santa Ana, California, met up with locals, Sean Morr, Cory Wiergowski, Zach Krejmas, Josh Delcour, Dylan Stark, Alfredo Mancuso, Devon Denham and Adam22, and filmed this solid mix edit.
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How To Kickflip With Adam22

Ada22 from The Come Up is here to teach you a very oldschool trick, that is kinda getting back in the sport, the kickflip. Along with giving you tips and stuff, he also shows you a few variations of it at the MLK skatepark. Now go out and start having fun with it.

Edwin Delarosa Interview Part 1

This is the first episode of TCU’s new project, where they will be seating with a bunch of guys to talk about BMX. For the first episode they got Edwin Delarosa, Tom White, Glenn PP Milligan, Chris Long, Kareem Williams and Adam22. They will be dropping more episodes along this week.

RiFF RAFF – LiViN’ FAST (Official Video) Prod. By Cisco Adler

RiFF RAFF’s newest music video for his song Livin’ Fast with Alfredo Mancuso, Alex Platt, Chris Long and Adam22 all having some time in it.

TCU: 2011 Simpel Session In 15 Photos

Simpel Session

Here are 15 non-riding photos that Adam22 from TheComeUp took at simple session. Take a look!

The Double Scar

Adam22 from thecomeup capptured this “double scar” where Tony Hamlin and Brian Kachinsky scared Catfish.

Catfish, Brian Kachinsky, Bommel And Adam22 Stuck In Elevator

Video from Estonia where Catfish, Brian Kachinsky, Bommel and Adam 22 get stuck in an elevator. Luckily that Bommel captured this in his camera.