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Adrian Malmberg Welcome To Fox

Welcome to FOX – Adrian Malmberg from Peter Eriksson on Vimeo.

Fox is proud to welcome Adrian Malmberg to their team and in return, Adrian filmed this hell of a welcome to the team edit at his local indoor skatepark in Hofors, Sweden. Adrian is capable of many things, so you never know what to expect in his next video. Check it.
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Mellon’s “17 Questions With” – Adrian Malmberg

I met Adrian Malmberg a few years ago on a trip with Carhartt and I must say that he is really passionate about the sport and pretty down to earth guy, with a constant smile on his face. We just did an interview with him and if you would like to know this Swedish shredder a little better, hit the read more button and read some interesting stuff about him.
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Adrian Malmberg Welcome To Lucid Brand

Adrian Malmberg has joined the Lucid Brand a few months ago, but here is now his official introduction to the brand. Adrian always comes out with something hot and this welcome to the team edit is no different. Malmberg is getting really technical lately, pulling all sorts of wild grind combos, manual links and other stunts. Enjoy.
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Ghetto Games Pro 2013 Highlights

Ghetto Games went down from August 8th to August 11th and here are the highlights from the pro competition. A lot of riders came and a lot of seriously good riding went down. Winner of the competition was Andrew Lainevool, followed by Ola Selsjord on second place, Adrian Malmberg on thirds, Ole Andre Kristinsen on fourth and Oskars Zajarskis on fifith place. Filmed and edited by Rene Lutterus.
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Adrian Malmberg Welcome To Butikken

I know this is really short for a welcome to the team edit, but even if being just two clips long, Adrian Malmberg still killed it for his newest sponsor Butikken.

Simple Bikes – Skatepark Session 2013

Adrian Malmberg, Ed Zunda and Sascha Roll from Simple Bikes hit this skatepark (I just can not remember where this one is located, but somewhere in Germany) and nailed down some proper stuff. Sascha went pretty original with his riding and Adrian and Ed pretty tech, but all three killed it with their style and tricks. Enjoy.
Filmed and edited by Dominik Wrobel from Woozy.
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Adrian Malmberg And Ole Andre Kristiansen – One Day In Ventspils

Right after Adrian Malmberg’s pretty amazing web video for Simple Bike Co, that dropped yesterday, here is something more from this guy, this time in a split web video with his friend Ole Andre Kristiansen, filmed over the course of one day at the skatepark in Ventspils. Both served with an amazing amount of dope moves and lines, all worth checking out. Filmed and edited by Karolis Jonikas.
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Simple Bike Co – Adrian Malmberg Summer 2013

Adrian Malmberg and Peter Eriksson have teamed up a couple of times over the summer time to get some filming done on the streets and voila, a new Simple Bike Co web edit is now here for you to check out. Adrian has tons of skills on his bike and is not afraid of going big, but at the same time also knows how to go technical. Guest clips by Robert Nikula Edsman.
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Adrian Malmberg’s Fun Edit

Around Uppsala in July with Adrian Malmberg and his pals. Their main goal with this web video was to show you how much fun they have riding BMX, skateboarding, joking around and diving. No crazy stuff in here, a bit sketchy filming, but it is giving out this amazing vibe. Enjoy.
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BMX Worlds 2013 – Pro Street Top Three

Here are the top three finalists at the BMX Worlds 2013 street pro contest. Young Felix Prangenberg from Germany who got thirds, Canadian Michael Gray and Sweden Adrian Malmberg. All three killed it, but I must admit, I am the most stoked about Felix riding. This kid has so much style and is not afraid of going big and technical.
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