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Woodward At Cooper Remix BMX Highlights

Woodward at Cooper got renovated and to celebrate the newly build objects they threw down a weekend long Remix party and here are video highlights showing you what went down. Featuring ridin from Gary Young, Morgan Wade, Zack Warden, Adam Baker, AJ Anaya and many more.
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Play 2013 – Long And Low Session Highlights

Play 2013: Long and Low Session – More BMX Videos

Video highlights from the second mini-contest at the Play 2013 at Mike Spinner’s backyard, that happened at the “long and low” section of the skatepark. Pat Casey, Todd Meyn, Ryan Guettler, Daniel Sandoval, Kevin Peraza, AJ Anaya and many more going mad (as usual).
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2013 BMX Cuerna Style Contest Highlights

2013 BMX Cuerna Style Highlights – More BMX Videos

AJ Anaya, Kevin Peraza, David Peraza, Ryan Guettler, Vince Byron, Daniel Sandoval, Daniel Dhers and many more took a trip to Cuernavaca, Mexico for the first ever BMX Cuerna Style contest. Heavy hitters and heavy hitters only, so expect big stunts over those box jumps.
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How To Tuck No Hander With AJ Anaya

AJ Anaya is back with a new how to for his How Tuesdays series teaching you how to tuck no-hander. You pretty much get everything you need to know about this trick and how you can motivate yourself to throw those hands off, along with a few combinations of the trick.
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Props Issue 59 – Colorado Scene Report

Another classic one from the Props people. They uplaoded the Colorado scene report video from the Issue 59, that features riding from Ryan Devereaux, Adrian Vigil, Mike Meister, AJ Anaya, Troy McMurray, Nick Bonner, Joey Cordova, Mike Fosket, Mike McNeil, Shawn Lewis, Mike O’Farrell, Steb Valin and many many more. Definitely a really good and enjoyable thirteen minutes long watch.
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How To 360 Barspin / Truckdriver With AJ Anaya

Oh great, AJ Anaya is back with his How Tuesdays and this time he will be learning you how to 360 barspin, or with a better name, truckdriver. Of course you need to be comfy with throwing barspin all the way around and 360s, but for more hear AJ. You will also get a few examples how can this trick be linked together with others at the end.
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AJ Anaya’s No-Hand Challenge

AJ Anaya challenges you to post the best no-hander on the Raskils app and at the same time gives you a chance to win yourself this S&M ATF frame in rasta colorway. How cool is that? Very cool. The challenge ends on August 19th, so there is plenty more time to enter this comp. AJ will personally pick the winner.

Freegun Underwear – AJ Anaya Edit

On a recent trip to his home state of Colorado, AJ Anaya met up with Dylan Pfohl and hit up all bunch of concrete skateparks with Dylan and friends to get a new piece for Freegun Underwear done. AJ never disappoints and this one is no different. He always comes out with a banger edit. Enjoy. Seen on Woozy.
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Red Bull Dirt Conquers By ION Camera

Here are the iOn Camera’s version of highlights from the Red Bull Dirt Conquers that went down in Guadalajara, Mexico. They shot some really good clips with that small camera from Leandro Moreira, Corey Bohan, Ryan Nyquist, AJ Anaya and more.
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Red Bull Dirt Conquers Highlights By BMX Juarez

OK, finally. A proper video highlights from the Red Bull Dirt Conquers event, made by people over at BMX Juarez. Sergio Barraz Morales hit me up with these and I instantly get stoked about it. Watch Ryan Guettler, AJ Anaya, Ryan Nyquist, Leandro Moreira and more destroying this amazing course.
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