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Alex Donnachie Hitting Streets Of Tel Aviv For 20Twenty

Alex Donnachie and Rich Forne found themselves in Tel Aviv, Israel, one because of college and the other is simply living there and managed to film a new web edit. It is no secret that Alex is one hell of a technical rider and it is also no secret that Rich is really good with filming BMX. Together they hit up street and shot some really serious stuff for you to enjoy watching. Alex Donnachie mixes some really big grind stuff with plenty of technical combos in here. The final products for 20Twenty store is more than amazing. It is incredible and you will gonna love it.
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Alex Donnachie Bike Check

BSD dropped a bike check with one of their most technical rider, Alex Donnachie, to show you his current Passenger setup with prototype Donnasqueak 2.4″ grey tires. I never really though about changing the color of tires, but I must say these look pretty rad.

Alex Donnachie, Jason Phelan And Kriss Kyle – The Nightmare Before Christmas

I am not 100% sure if all the stuff featured in the video is new, but even if it is not, all of the clips are insane and definitely deserve another watch. Check out Alex Donnachie, Jason Phelan and Kriss Kyle going all crazy at the Unit 23 indoor skatepark in this “Nightmare Before Christmas” video.
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Nearly 3 – Unused

Nearly. III – Unused from Alex D on Vimeo.

I haven’t seen the Nearly 3 video yet, but after watching all this unused footage I can tell it is as insane as it gets. If you film for almost 8 minutes of crazy good footage and it ends up not being featured in the actual video, because there is just too much better footage, you know wild things will happen in the final product. Take a short brake and watch this one now, it is mad.
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Nearly 3 Trailer

Nearly. III Trailer from Alex D on Vimeo.

The Nearly 3 video is out now and to give a little more out before you will actually see the whole piece, Alex Donnachie put together this trailer to give you a quick look at how sick the video is. I am sure it is all about madness, madness and one more time madness.
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Nearly 2 – Disco Stu Section

Nearly. 2 – Disco Stu from Alex D on Vimeo.

Um… Where to start. This section is one of those sections that will make you speechless. Alex Donnachie made live Disco Stu’s section from the Nearly 2 video and if you haven’t seen it yet, you must do it right now. This is mental. So much insane gaps and drops, with one not-human ender. Just ridiculous.
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BSD – In The Streets Of Moscow

BSD riders Alex Donnachie, Mike Taylor, Dan Paley, Luc Legrand and Liam Zingbergs spent month of July 2013 in Moscow, Russia to film for the last episode of the “In The Streets” series and came back with tons of really quality stuff. It is a heavy crew of riders we are talking about so you all know this is going to be madness. Seat back, relax and enjoy every second, cause I an sure you will.

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Nearly 2 – Kerr Wilson

Nearly. 2 – Kerr Wilson from Alex D on Vimeo.

Alex Donnachie made live another section from his Nearly 2 video, that dropped back in 2011, featuring Kerr Wilson. Kerr likes jumping stuff and clearing big gaps, but he is no stranger to pulling other rad stuff like wallrides, whips, nose presses and other moves.
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Nearly 2 – Alex Donnachie

Nearly. 2 – Alex Donnachie from Alex D on Vimeo.

Alex Donnachie’s Section from a video that dropped back in 2011, Nearly 2, is here. Every second in here will make your jaw drop, because there are only ridiculous stuff in here. From insane nose manual combos, to big gap to wallrides, massive 360s and long icepicks. This was one hell of a start of the day and wherever you are, take three minutes and watch this one.
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Nearly 2 – Intro

Nearly. 2 – Intro from Alex D on Vimeo.

Alex Donnachie started with uploading section from the Nearly 2 video, so get ready for some solid mainly street madness that will be dropping the the near future. The first part is the intro part and it is a good teaser to get you ready to what comes next.
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