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Nike X Figure – Lisbon

NIKE X Figur√© from figuré bmx on Vimeo.

Are you ready to see Alex Kennedy, Joris Coulomb and Simone Barraco in action shredding the streets of Lisbon? At first you get this feeling that these are behind the scenes, but they are not, this is the final product and it is simply amazing. Riding, the scene, raw clips, cops and more. I am 100% sure you will really enjoy this one. Guys over at Figure BMX did an amazing job.
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Alex Kennedy, Eric Lichtenberger And Shawn McIntosh Skatepark Edit

Alex Kennedy, Eric Lichtenberger and Shawn McIntosh along with Cody Lavesque having some fun at the Cherry skatepark in Long Beach, California. Things get pretty technical in here with a really solid ender from AK. Seen on TCU.
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2013 NORA Cup Top 5 Nominees

A little more than a week away, on Sunday, October 22nd at the Emo’s in Austin, Texas, and we will have the 2013 NORA Cup winner, but until then, click read more and check out the list of top five riders in each category Ride BMX threw together.
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Dew Tour Street Practice By Ride BMX

Definitely the best video highlights from the Dew Tour street practice to date, brought to you by Ride BMX. Some insane riding already went down from Garrett Reynolds, Chad Kerley, Simone Barraco, Brian Kachinsky, Alex Kennedy, Connor Lodes, Kevin Kiraly and others. Enjoy.
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Primo – Alex Kennedy 2013 Edit

Alex Kennedy and Richard Forne teamed up, hit the streets and filmed one absolutely amazing web piece for Primo. Even if we all knew the style of riding AK has he always surprises with something new and amazing. Style, clean and smoothly pulled tricks, well filmed and well edited… I don’t know what you are waiting for, start watching it now.
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Alex Kennedy Bike Check

Head over to the Cult web site to check out what Alex Kennedy’s current bike is all about. There are a few products on his bike that are not available yet, but should be out later this month.

Cult 2013 / 2014 Catalog

Cult just released their 2013/2014 catalog to show you guys all the new parts, apparel and complete bikes. I really stopped for a few minutes at the page that features their Cult X Vans collaboration shoes (see below). These came out really amazing, clean and simple design, that’s what I personally really like about shoes. Along with these, you will also see the Cult X Vans grips, shirts, hats, beanies, frames, pegs, Alex Kennedy’s signature grips, Chase Dehart’s signature Tripod seat/post system and all the rest of the parts. Oh, and of course the Cult X The Simpson complete bike, the Duff 24″ cruiser. I still can not really believe this really happened. I hope we will be seeing the Homer version also.

Cult X Vans shoes

Alex Kennedy’s Signature Cult Grips Sneak Peek

Alex Kennedy’s signature Cult grips will be out very soon and this is one of the first looks at them. Grips will be slightly thicker and are designed to Kennedy’s specifications.

Vetis Mix Tape 2013

Vetis Mix Tape 2013 featuring street, trails and skatepark riding from riders like Dominic Colombini, Dave Pendleton, Sean Sieling, Nolan Santana, Tyler Andersen, Ty Morrown, Tammy McCarley, Forrest Holland, Dick Nicholls, McCoy Ivie, Jayson Johnson, Colby Spratt, Alex Kennedy, Gino Santoro and Hoang Tran. A lot of big names means a lot of good riding. Filmed and edited by David Pendleton and Nolan Santana.
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Cult “Talk Is Cheap” Full Video

Cult’s “Talk Is Cheap” video is now online and ready for the whole world to see it, so grab a cold one and watch it, in case you haven’t already. The video was in the works for two years and features riding from Chase Dehart, Chase Hawk, Dakota Roche, Alex Kennedy, Russel Barone, Bobby Simmons, Dave Krone, Trey Jones, Sebastian Keep, Timmy Theus, Lil Jon, Cody Levesque, Jayson Johnson, Shawn Swain, Floyd, Andrew Castaneda, Iz Pulido and Robbie Morales. Filmed and edited by Ryan Navazio.
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