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Sunday Canadian Vacation

Sunday Bikes sent their riders Aaron Ross, Alex Magallan, Lee Dennis, Eric Lichtenberger, Garrett Reeves, Jake Seeley and Erik Elstran on a second trip this year, this time to Toronto, Cannada. The crew spent a week hitting various shops and visiting all bunch of great spots along the road. This thing came out amazing with some dope and original riding clips. Enjoy.
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Alex Magallan Sunday Ad

Sunday Bikes’ latest print ad featuring Alex Magallan with a nose manual to promote his signature EX complete bike. This ad can be found in the 167th issue of Ride UK magazine. Check full ad after the jump.
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Etnies X Blackout Tour

Etnies teamed up with Blackout Distribution and took Aaron Ross, Tom Dugan, Tony Hamlin, Geoff Slattery, Jay Roe, Colin Varanyak, Joseph Frans, Sean Sexton and Alex Magallan on a New England tour. Almost eight a half minutes of crazy good riding from the whole crew. Must see.
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Alex Magallan Bike Check

Sunday Bikes posted a bike check with Alex Magallan, showing you his freshly built Forecaster setup with Morning 2.1 forks, Freeze stem and Tall T bars. Bike looks dialed.

How Not To Barspin With Alex Magallan

During a chill session at this spot Alex Magallan gives Corey Martinez some ‘motivational’ words about not landing the half-cab barspin. Corey and Shane Weston than gave Alex a challenge of landing a barspin and opposite barspin. First time for Alex, but he landed it. Seen on Dan’s.
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Tree Shop Stops

Tree is sending Alex Magallan, Nathan Parker, Scootie and Bobbie Altiser on a shop stop around the Saint Louis area. They will make four stops, at The Cyclery and Fitness Center, at Holdfast Bikes, at Ramp Riders and at Plan Nine. More info above.

Blackout X Etnies Tour

Blackout and Etnies have teamed up for a tour, where they will send Geoff Slattery, Tony Hamlin, Aaron Ross, Joseph Frans, Colin Varanyak, Sean Sexton, Tom Dugan and Alex Magallan to the east coast to hit a few stores. Check above flyer for more details and make sure that you go to any of these shops on that exact date, if you live somewhere near.

New Tree Signature T-Shirts & Tank Tops Available Now

Tree Bicycle Co just dropped the new that signature Alex Magallan, Clint Reynolds and Skeleton T-shirt and tank tops are available now. You can get them through Blackout and QBP or your favorite mailorder.

Sunday Bikes At House Park

Sunday Bikes’ Alex Magallan, Lee Dennis and Garrett Reeves had a few session at the House Park in Austin, TX, doing why the like best, pulling and find creative lines in skateparks.
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[Re-Up] Alex Magallan Welcome To Tree

Alex Magallan’s welcome to Tree Bicycles edit is now embeddable, so feel free to post it anywhere you want.
“After admiring Alex’s riding for some time we are happy to have him waving the flag for Tree! He has a rare combination of speed, power, and technical precision that makes him stand out. He’s a hell of a nice guy, and an avid fisherman so where could we go wrong.”Tree