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Frenchys Meeting V4

FRENCHYS MEETING V4 from frenchys on Vimeo.

For the fourth year in a row Frenchys sent their riders on their “Meeting” trip and last summer they were killing spots in the east of France. The video is now done and ready for your viewing pleasure. Featuring riding from Nico Badet, Joris Coulomb, Matthias Dandois, Maxime Charveron, Alex Valentino, Adrien Lecomte, Anthony Perrin, John Garcia and Ben Gea.
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Marie Jade – Chut! Behind The Scenes

MArieJADE – Chut! – Behind Silence from MArieJADE on Vimeo.

All you Marie Jade fans out there, here is a treat for you. A minute less than forty minutes long behind the scenes video from filming for the Chut!, featuring Nicolas Badet, Joris Coulomb, Nicolas Terrez, Arnaud Wolff, Max Terrasson, Renaud Coquillon, Ben Perrier, Winaï Khamp, Kevin Kalkoff, Tommy Lauque, Remy Masset, Anthony Clain, Anthony Perrin, Alex Valentino and more. Seat back, relax, get comfy and enjoy watching.
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Marie Jade – Chut! – Acte Final, Lyon

MArieJADE – Chut! – Acte Final, Lyon from MArieJADE on Vimeo.

What an amazing start of the day, with this mind blowing fourteen minutes long video from Marie Jade’s last installment in the “Chut!” series, where the crew took a trip to Lyon, France to destroy street spots. Featuring riding from Joris Coulomb, Maxime Terrasson, Nicolas Terrez, Arnaud Wolff, Kevin Kalkoff, Renaud Coquillon, Anthony Perrin and Alex Valentino. Must see people.
In case you missed their fall/winter 2013 lookbook, check it out now.
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Vans “Waves Tour” Part 2

Here is the second part of the Vans “Waves Tour” that happened this summer. The French Vans team, consisting of Justin Fouque, Antony Lille, Nicolas Badet, Nicolas Cambon and Alex Valentino took a trip to the south west of the country to find and ride concrete waves. Plenty of dope spots they found, but the two under the bridge in here are the dopest. Enjoy.
if you missed the first part Watch It Now.
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Perspective 002 – Mike Aitken

What an amazing new documentary from good people over at The Diggest about the one and only, the guy with most style, the guy who so many look up to, Mike Aitken. Follow Mike through the whole web video, as he talks about the injury, the perfection in his life and riding and more along with some dope riding and lifestyle shots. Filmed and edited by Alex Valentino and Thibaut Grevet, photos by Vincent Perraud.
When you are done with watching this incredible piece, head over to The Diggest web site to check out photos, read the story and get behind the scenes.
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United In Ecuador

OK, finally. I don’t know why, but I had some problems viewing this amazing video from the United crew’s trip to Ecuador. Corey Martinez, Nathan Williams, Alex Valentino and Mike “Rooftop” Escamilla went there last month to explore the place, to find some untouchable spots and to experience the culture. Five minutes of goodness and nothing else. Martinez’s last drop is insane.
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Frenchys Meeting V4

The fourth version of the Frenchys Meeting trip series is on and Maxime Charveron, Anthony Perrin, Alex Valentino, Joris Coulomb, Adrien Lacomte, John Garcia, Nicolas Badet, Ben Gea and Matthias Dandois are all part of it. Follow Frenchys’ Facebook page for all the updates.

Sosh Urban Motion 2 – Alex Valentino X Mayol

Alex Valentino didn’t had the best of luck filming for the Sosh Urban Motion 2 video contest entry due to injuries, but he still got fourth at the end. A lot of technical and freecoaster stuff in here, a lot of awesome city shots, what makes this definitely something you must not miss. I wonder how things would go, if Alex would not hurt himself. Enjoy.
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Transfert Magazine Issue 3 Now Online

OK, I must admit, I never heard for the Transfert magazine from France before, but I guess batter late than never. Their third issue is now online and ready for you to check it out. Even if you don’t understand French, there are plenty of good photos in it from the Red Bull Skylines event, Alex Valentino, Diogo Santos and more.

United’s Republica Del Ecuador Tour

United is sending Nathan Williams, Corey Martinez, Alex Valentino and Mike “Rooftop” Escamilla back to South America for the Republica Del Ecuador tour. They will be hitting the La Feria De La Bici event and spots around the country. The tour will be on from July 11th till 19th.