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Van Homan Now On Almond Footwear

Now get excited everyone, cause Van Homan just found himself a spot on the Almond Footwear team. They already started working on Van’s signature shoe model and I really can not wait to see the result.
“I am excited to be part of a shoe company whose sole focus is BMX. Working with a home grown brand like Almond makes communication easier and that mean getting good things done faster. We’re already working on some trips and a signature shoe together. I’m proud to announce that I’m riding for Almond Footwear and looking forward to getting some filming and footwear projects rolling.”– Van Homan

Jim Borio Welcome To Almond Footwear

Jim Borio Welcome to Almond Footwear from wemakethings on Vimeo.

Jim Borio is the newest member of the Almond Footwear team and he put his Dukes to a proper test when filming this welcome to the team edit. That icepick grind to tailwhip out was so clean and there is quite a big number of wild combos in here, so hit it. Filmed and edited by Scotty Mcmenamin.
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Almond Footwear – Tanner Easterla Edit

Check out some fresh new stuff from young gun, Tanner Easterla, doing it for his shoe sponsor, Almond Shoes. Tanner sure has an amazing style of riding and always does big stuff to pleasure our eyes. Kid is a shredder.
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Dima Prykhodko Welcome To Almond Footwear

Dimy Pryhodko is the newest member of the Almond Footwear team in Germany and here is his, what is safe to say, amazing welcome to the team web edit, full of technical moves. Along with all the skills and bike control that Dima has, he also has an amazing and smooth style of riding. Filmed and edited by Ben Franke.
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Almond Footwear – The 1&9 Shoes Is Back

Look, Jared Washington signature 1&9 shoe model from Almond Footwear will be back with their autumn/winter 2013 line of products that should be dropping in stores November 2013. They had a few issues with the first model of Jared’s shoe, but their are now back with the second version of it, try to repair all the damage. I must admit, shoe looks much better than the first one and I am sure it will also last a lot longer than the first one.

Lloyd Wright Almond Footwear Ad

Almond Footwear’s latest print ad featuring Lloyd Wright jumping over this rail somewhere in Miami to promote the Estate shoes. This ad could be found it the next issue of the French Figure magazine.

David Grant Almond Footwear Print Ad

Almond Footwear’s latest print ad featuring David Grant with this big gap to smith grind, shot on their Miami trip (if you haven’t seen the video yet, watch it now), to promote the Duke high shoes.

Almond Footwear Interbike 2012 Products

Almond posted photos of their autumn/winter collection and sneak peeks of the spring/summer colorways. I must say that some of the models look really good. Go check them out.

Ten Pack – On The Road To Alberta With Almond Footwear

“Our last On The Road tour was spent in Alberta between Calgary and Edmonton with the Almond crew. Ben Hucke, Greg Flag, Greg Henry, Taylor Elvy and Jaumell Campbell clocked a ton of footage at some amazing spots between both cities. We had a blast with all the locals as well, huge shout outs to BMX Gallery in Calgary and Park Cycle in Sherwood Park.”Ten Pack
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Fernando Vieira – Almond Footwear

Fernando Vieira – Almond Footwear from Jotta on Vimeo.

Joao “Jotta” Carmo edited this new edit of Almond rider Fernando Veira, who rides for them through Traffic Distro. Fernando definitely has a proper street style, so it’s definitely worth watching it.
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