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Almond – Lloyd Wright 3 Clips

The Source is selling black Almond Valley shoes exclusively and to promote them Almond rider, Lloyd Wright, fired out three street clips. Sometimes three clips are just enough to get you pumped up.
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Interbike 2013 By Ride BMX Part 4

This time around Ride BMX has been focused on the We Make Things people, so what that means is that you will be seeing the completely new footwear line from Almond and new Eclat and Wethepeople products. Along with that they also hit up Tony Malouf to talk about the new version of his signature BSD frame. Check more after the jump.
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Jared Washington Almond Ad

Jared Washington with a polejam to turndown for Almond’s latest print ad for The Albion, issue 13, to promote the new Duke low shoes. Just to remind you, their new spring/summer line is available now, so get yourself some new stuff to look cool.

Tanner Easterla Welcome To Almond

This is four minutes long, but I thought it was only 30 second, yep, it is that crazy good. Tanner Easterla is the newest addition to the Almond team and his welcome to the team web edit is as solid as it can get. So much good stuff, so much grinds and than that last move… watch and be amazed.
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Almond Miami Photogallery

I assume you have already seen the Almond Miami trip video, if you haven’t, you must do it now, well, they also dropped a 15 photos gallery up on their page, showing you some lifestyle shots.

Almond Spring / Summer 13 Lookbook

Almond dropped a lookbook showing you their 2013 spring and summer line of products. Besides that all six models are looking damn good, I will say one more thing, finally they went with more leather and what this mean is, that they will last longer. The Valley’s look sick.
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David Grant On Almond

It is now official that David Grant is the newest addition to the Almond pro team. David already went on a trip with the crew to Miami for four days and if you haven’t seen the video yet, watch it now.

Almond Estate Shoes Sneak Peek

Guys over at the Ride UK dropped a sneak peek of one of Almond’s newest products, the Estate shoes. Almond will be dropping their spring/summer 2013 catalog in five day, but it the mean time, make your way to Ride UK, to get all the informations about Estate.

Almond – Sean O’Connell & Jordan Waters Split Edit

Two of Almond’s flow shredders from UK, Sean O’Connell and Jordan Waters, recently spent some time on the streets during days and nights to produce for this awesome split edit. One with pegs and the other without, but they are both really good.

Corey Dewey Bike Check

Head over to the Ten Pack Distribution site to check out the bike from their Federal, Animal and Almond rider Corey Dewey, get two more photos and parts list.