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Amity Bike Co – Tyler Hardy

Fresh new black and white edit from Amity Bike Co rider Tyler Hardy, who joined the team early this year. I don’t know much about this kid, but I can easily say that he is killing it the hard way.
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Amity Bike – UK Tour Part 2

AMITYBIKECO – UK Tour part 2 from AmityBikeCo on Vimeo.

Here is the second part of Amity’s 10 day long UK trip back in September featuring Jeff Wescott, Cameron hardy, Ryan Taylor, Louis Morris, Matt Preist, Tammy McCarley, Santoo the wild Frenchman, MJ and an injured Bob Manchester. If you missed the first one click here.
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Two Clips From Amity Bike UK Tour

Amitybikeco uk tour – clip of the day no.1 corby from AmityBikeCo on Vimeo.

Here are two short clips from Amity Bike’s current UK tour. The above one is from day one where the crew visited the Adrenaline Alley and the second (after the jump) where they went to Brighton. Sick gap in the second one…
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Ricky Lopez Humpty Edit

Ricky Lopez Humpty edit from SAY SUMTIN on Vimeo.

“Ricky is a really creative rider that likes to go out, ride, and have fun as long as it has to do with bikes. Super humble guy that is DTF. Modern age minimalist that likes to do bike tire shenanigans, most of this edit is underhanded which makes it a must watch! This edit is for Amity Bike Co., huge shout out to them.”Say Sumtin.
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Tammy Jane – Oregon Session

Tammy- Oregon sessions from AmityBikeCo on Vimeo.

Tammy Jane recently went to Oregon for 10 days to stay and ride with some of his best friends David Grant, Matt Colisch, Chippy and Show. They also helped him film this new edit for Amity Bike.

Amity Bike – JC Pieri

JC pieri – AmityBikeCo FUNNY edit from JC Pieri on Vimeo.

“This video is definitely a mean to show what is the bmx for me, just a gathering of good moments spent with my friends and the joy to create some new stupids combos or tricks. I think the bmx needs creativity, and different styles of riding allow this creativity, some guys will do a triple backflip, some guys will do a bus over ice to over bus and some guys like me will do some stupid tricks for fun because it’s the first thing when you’re on your bike, ride for you and do what it seem you the best to have fun and keep the motivation to ride with the smile.”– JC Pieri

Amity Bike Co. Trip

Here is the Amity trip from San Diego to Las Vegas featuring Tammy McCarley, Cam Hardy, and Ricky Lopez doing a lot of good stuff on the streets.