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Red Bull Framed Reactions Behind The Scenes

Andy Zeiss and Nate Wessel in this quick Red Bull Framed Reaction behind the scenes video telling you the whole idea behind this course and event. I can not wait to see what riders will be pulling and how will they set the course for themselves.
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Greg Illingworth On Vans

South Africa based rider Greg Illingworth is the newest addition to the Vans Europe team. Greg moved from Johannesburg to Newcastle, UK to focuse even more on riding. Read what Andy has to say below.
“Having Greg in the team is just great and I couldnt be happier. ! ! ! Beside his unique an full throttle riding style he brings a lot of personality and energy to the team. He represents the perfect image what Vans stands for and next to the other 11 guys on the team I can now say that we have a hell of a dirty dozen, haha!”– Andy Zeiss, Vans TM

2011 Vans Rebeljam Teaser

Here is a teaser for this year’s Rebeljam which will took place in Eindhoven, Holland from December 2nd – 4th featuring Andy Zeiss, Matthias Dandois, Bruno Hoffman and Bart De Jong. If you have time, you must go.
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Vans Eurpe Welcomes New Riders


Alex Valentino from France, Eduards Zunda from Latvia, and Matt Priest from UK are now all riding for Vans Europe team.
“All three riders have been with Vans already for some time now, but more on a local level till now. They deliver hard, are great guys and it just feels natural stepping them up to the European team level. That gives them boys also more freedom to travel and be open for other Vans actions worldwide. – Welcome to the EMEA family boys!”
-Andy Zeiss
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