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Nigel Sylvester Promoting His Signature Animal Bikes Seat

Animal Bikes: Nigel Sylvester 2014 from Animal Bikes on Vimeo.

Nigel Sylvester’s signature pivotal seat from Animal Bikes is out now and here he is promoting it with a sweet black and white promo. Even if there is plenty of insane kids out there in the moment who are doing some really insane and mad stuff, I still really enjoy watching Nigel shred. You just can not go wrong with some “classic” style street shredding. Check it out and then got and contact your local dealer, favorite mail order, or just go to Animal web store and get yourself a new seat.
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Luc Legrand Animal Bikes 2014 Web Edit

ANIMAL – Luc Legrand 2014 from frenchys on Vimeo.

The one and only, the street assassin, the French Animal Bikes rider through Frenchys Distribution, Luc Legrand is back with a new street web edit. You can never really go wrong with any of Luc stuff and this new piece he filmed as his 2014 web edit for the brand is pure goodness. From really creative stuff to some seriously insane moves. Just like that last gap to icepick grind, that was freaking mental. I do not know what they was thinking when picking up the song, but still, in some way it fits good with his style. You will definitely be not disappointed after watching this Luc Legrand madness and there is a huge chance it will make you watch it for at least one more time if not even more. Enough with the words now, hit play and enjoy the video ad be amazed.
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Animal Bikes “QSS 6” – Chocolate Truck Crew

QSS 6 – Chocolate Truck crew from Animal Bikes on Vimeo.

Animal Bikes dropped the Chocolate Truck crew section from their most recent QSS video, the sixth version of it. Whoever is down for some solid and raw street riding from this crew, you better start pressing the play button above, especially if you haven’t seen it yet. Enjoy it.
Filmed by Ryan Navazio and Matt Miller, edited by Ryan Navazio.
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Animal Bikes Super Bowl Sale

Animal Bikes decided to get a sale going on since it is the Super Bowl time. This time you can buy everything for 15% , including the sale items. Hurry up, the sale is on only till February 2nd.

Edwin De La Rosa Bike Check

Make your way over to the Animal Bikes web site and check out Edwin De La Rosa’s Skavenger Bridge setup. The bike looks very rusty, but at the same time very solid and dialed.

Mike Hoder Philly Wallride Attempts From QSS6

Mike Hoder Philly Wall Ride Attempts from QSS6 from Animal Bikes on Vimeo.

Mike Hoder really is an insane guy and with a wallride that he pulled in the Animal Bikes’ QSS6 video he is just proving that he is not slowing down. Here are two attempts Animal dropped and they are definitely worth a watch. Filmed by Ryan Navazio.
If you missed the video, you should watch it now.
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Lino Gonzalez Animal Bikes Dig 89 Ad

lino gonzalez
Lino Gonzalez and a really quick curved double peg grind for Animal Bikes’ latest print ad, that you can find in the 89th issue of the DIG magazine. If you would like to see this one pulled, watch his OG pegs promo now.

Animal Bikes – QSS 6 Video

Animal Bikes: QSS 6 from Animal Bikes on Vimeo.

The sixth installment in the Animal Bikes QSS series is now on the world wide web and ready for your viewing pleasure. 17 minutes of goodness from the Animal shredder, Mark Gralla and Ben Lewis’ full sections, The Chocolate Truck crew, Japan tour section and lot of footage from the rest of the team riders. Enjoy.
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Tom White Bike Check

Head over to the Animal Bikes web site and check out Tom White’s current Animal/Skavenegr setup. Now this is what I call a raw and solid bike.

Nigel Sylvester Christmas Giveaway

Animal Bikes, Beats By Dr. Dree, Getorade, G-Shock and Nike teamed up with Nigel Sylvester to put together a pretty big pack, that can be win in this Christmas giveaway on Instagram and/or Twitter. Check out the flyer above for the rules and enter it, winner will be picked on Christmas day.