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Chris Silva Lost Animal Bikes Ad

This Animal Bikes ad featuring Chris Silva was supposed to run in the 11th issue of The Albion magazine, US edition, but somehow slipped through. Shot on a trip to Ohio last year and can be seen in the QSS 4.

Animal Bikes BPE Replacement Bodies Available Now

The all new Animal Bikes BPE plastic pedals are out for a while now, so for all you guys who own them and already made some heavy damage to them, the replacement bodies are available now. Hit your local shop, favorite mail order, or go straight to Animal web shop to get them.

Oba Stanley Animal Bikes Ad

Oba Stanley getting a smith grind done at the famous rail spot for Animal Bikes’ latest print ad that ran in the 12th issue of The Albion magazine. If you wanna see this move pulled you need to watch the QSS 4 video or wait till the upload it on the world wide web.

Animal Bikes QSS 4 “They Too Crusty Wit It” – Brian Wizmerski

Brian Wizmerski aka Wiz and his section from Animal Bikes’ QSS 4 “They To Crusty Wit It” video is now online and ready for you to check out. I kinda like how Wiz’s style of riding is a bit different than other Animal shreders’. What is also really awesome about this section is the background song, written and composed by Brian himself.
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Animal Overgrown Snapback And Skyline Tee

Animal Bikes added two new products to their 2013 summer line, the Overgrown snapback and Skyline T-shirt. Get these straight from their web store and keep yourself fresh.

Animal QSS 5 “The Price Is Wrong” Video

And here we have it, the long awaited Animal Bikes QSS 5 “The Prise Is Wrong” video, featuring riding from Dave Belcher, Jared Washington, Tom White, Steven Hamilton, Jeff Kocsis, Ralphy Ramos and many more. This is one proper start of the day, watching some amazing and really solid shredding from the Animal crew. Ralphy’s 180 to double peg to gap crooked grind was sick.
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Animal QSS 5 “The Price Is Wrong” Online Premiere

If you can not make it to the live premiere of the new Animal Bikes QSS 5 “The price Is Wrong” video to Barbary tonight, there will be a live premiere starting at 8pm. I just can not wait to see this one, Animal never disappoints and we all know this one will be no exception.

Behind The Scenes – Animal In Bueno Aires

Tom White, Jared Washington, Dave Belcher and Steven Hamilton along with Ryan Navazio went to Buenos Aires, Argentina back in March to finish filming for the upcoming Animal Bikes QSS 5 video, that will be dropping on May 17th, 2013. Here are the behind the scene from the trip and it looks like they had an awesome time and hit some really good spots. I like the part when kids are helping out waxing the ledge.
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Steven Hamilton Animal Bikes Ad

Animal Bikes’ print ad that they ran in the 93rd issue of the Dig magazine featuring Steven Hamilton doing a rad over roof jump. The QSS 5 will be dropping on May 17th, so get ready for more action from Steven.

Animal QSS 4 “They Too Crusty Wit It” – Lino Gonzalez

Animal Bikes is back with a new section from the QSS4, They Too Crusty Wit It, video featuring Lino Gonzalez. Lino’s style is a classic street style of riding with tons of style ams smooth moves and also a nose bonk barspin here and there. The up rail ride was sick and so was all the other combos. When you are done, make sure you also watch the trailer for the Animal QSS 5 video.
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