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Animal Bikes – Argentina 2013 Part 1

Animal Bikes dropped the first photogallery from their 2013 Argentina trip. The first stop, that Dave Belcher, Jared Washington, Steven Hamilton and Tom White made was the Faction shop in Bueno Aires and by checking all the photos, you will see what a huge turnout is was.

Animal Bikes QSS 3 “Foreign And Domestic” – UK Trip

Animal Bikes dropped another section from the QSS 3 “Foreign And Domestic” video, that features their UK trip. Oba Stanley, Bengo, Garrett Hoogerhyde, Tyrone Williams, Nigel Sylvester and Ben Lewis are all part of it and all filmed some solid street stuff, but last G-turn from Bengo was the sickest.
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Animal Bikes SS13 T-Shirts Available Now

Animal Bikes’ spring/summer 2013 T-shirts and tank top are available now. Hit your local shop or favorite mail order, or just go to Animal’s web store and pick one up. These look pretty good.

Retrospective 001 – Edwin Delarosa

One of my all time biggest influences, Edwin Delarosa, is featured in this amazing ten minutes long documentary that The Diggest dropped. Besides riding his bike for living, Edwin also got himself into photography and he is doing it real good (check his photos on the micro site they made exclusively for Edwin). Just seat back, relax and enjoy.
When you are done with watching, go and enter the giveaway that is hosted by Animal Bikes and The Diggest. More below.

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Paying The Bills With Lino Gonzalez

Watch this video interview ESPN made with Animal Bikes pro rider Lino Gonzalez, where he discuses riding for money, companies dropping team member and sponsorship in general. One tip, ride for fun and not for money.

Animal Bikes QSS 3 “Foreign And Domestic” – Mix Section

Animal Bikes uploaded to vimeo the mix section from the QSS 3 “Foreign And Domestic” video featuring riding from Vinnie Sammon, Edwin De La Rosa, Brian Wizmerski, Bob Scerbo, Ralph Sinisi, Butcher, Steven Hamilton, Tom White and many more. These are probably all of the riders I was looking up to when starting riding my bike and still am. If you haven’t seen it yet, now you will.
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Big Toys X Animal Bikes Promo

Now this is what I am talking about. A promo that will caught everyone’s eyes. You don’t believe me? Click play above and enjoy the beauty of it.
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Animal “What’s Good With” Jared Washington

Animal Bikes dropped a new What’s Good With interview, this time with Jared Washington and his brand new 2013 Ferrari. Make your way over there to find out what he has been up to lately and a story behind the red Ferrari.

Animal Bikes Argentina 2013 Shop Stops

Tom White, Stephen Hamilton, Jared Washington and Dave Belcher from Animal Bikes will be touring around Argentina in March and April and will be stopping at the Faction and Cru Jones Boutique shops. Find the dates above and mark your calendars.

Animal PYN Front Hub Guard And Broadway Seat Available Now

The all new Animal Bikes PYN front hub guard and the Broadway seat are now available at your locak shop or favorite mail order. The PYN front hub guard features a 4130 chromoly core with option of a plastic cover for better sliding and the Broadway seat features a durable nylon seat base with thicker custom seat shape, embossed logo on vinyl fabric cover and of course the pivotal technology.