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Animal Bikes 2013 Winter Collection

Make your way over to the Defgrip web site to check out the 2013 winter collection from Animal Bikes, shot during their Japan tour. Shirts, beanies and hoodies is what will keep you warm through the cold winter days.

Animal Bikes Cee-Lo Dice Availale Now

Are you on the road all the time, or are you hanging with your friends a lot? If so, here is something you may need to spice things up. The Cee-Lo dice from Animal Bikes are now available and you can get them through their web store.

BSD Available Now Through Animal Bikes

Animal Bikes dropped the news that BSD is now available through them, so hit up your sales rep to place an order.

Ralphy Ramos Animal Bikes “Welcome To The Team” Ad

Ralphy Ramos with a pretty damn wild over double peg grind for Animal Bikes’ welcome to the team print ad, that you can find in the 97th issue of the DIG magazine.

Animal Bikes: Ralphy Ramos 2013 from Animal Bikes on Vimeo.

AMP:PM 3 – Check Please – Mark Gralla Section

AM:PM 3 – CHECK PLEASE – MARK GRALLA from Animal Bikes on Vimeo.

Animal Bikes uploaded to Vimeo Mark Gralla’s section from the AM:PM 4 video “Check Please”. Really really solid street shredding on some fine east coast street spots with an amazing wallride to wallride to end the whole thing. That last clip is really crazy.
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Nigel Sylvester Bike Check

Make your way over to the Animal Bikes web site to check out Nigel Sylvester’s current Brooklyn Machine Works setup. Take a better looks at the prototype frame and prototype seat Nigel is currently testing out.

Jared Washington Animal Bikes Ad

Solid up double peg to hard 180 barspin out from Jared Washington, shot by Rob Dolecki, for Animal Bikes’ latest print ad, that can be seen in the 96th issue of the DIG magazine.

Animal Bikes – Lino Gonzalez “LinoOG” Pegs 2013 Promo

Lino Gonzalez 2013 from Animal Bikes on Vimeo.

I was really waiting for this piece to drop and here it is now. Lino Gonzalez promoting his signature LinoOG pegs from Animal Bikes, which are available now in two different sizes, 4″ and 4.5″. It has been a while since we saw something new from Lino, so hit play and get stoked.
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Animal In Japan

As you can see on the flyer above, Animal Bikes is sending Ben Lewis, Mark Grala, Nigel Sylvester, Tyrone Williams, Jeff Kocsis and Tom White on a shop stop tour to Japan.

Animal “What’s Good With” – Lino Gonzalez

Animal Bikes and Lino Gonzalez sat down to chat about his coming Animal edit, the new 90East video project, getting ready for the winter and much more. Read it over on their site as part of the new installment in their “What’s Good With” series.