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Animal Bikes – Chase Dehart Edit

In between various project Chase Dehart still managed to stack a few clips here and there for his latest Animal Bikes creation. Style, smoothness and amazing lines are what you will be seeing next in this one minute long piece. You simply can’t go wrong with some fresh Dehart clips, so click play and enjoy.
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Dave Belcher Animal Bikes Ad

Dave Belcher with a double peg to gap to rail ride for Animal Bikes’ latest print ad that ran in The Albion, issue 14. This is really heavy and you don’t see a move like this one pulled everyday. Get stoked, but don’t try this at home kids.

Joe Molina BMX Boy 2013 Edit

Joe Molina is a Cult and Animal Bikes represent and this is something fresh from him. Street only, lines, 360 and more. I dig his style of riding, but I somehow need to decrease the volume. What’s with the song guys? For a solid street edit, this is a good choice for today.
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Clement Baes – Sextape 2

Clement Baes is an Animal Bikes rider from France through Clande BMX and here is an amazing piece from him, titled “Sextape 2.” Can I say Clement has one of the best goofy footed tailwhips out there? Especially when he is pulling them in a half cab. Really good, from start to the end, and if you missed his first Sextape, watch it now below.

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Animal Bikes – New England Shop Chowda Tour Video

A couple of week ago some of the Animal Bikes riders took a trip to New England to visit shops and to get some riding done with the locals. Edwin Delarosa, Jeff Kocsis, Joey Piazza, Mark Gralla, Mike Rose, Oba Stanley and Tyrone Williams were all on the trip and they visited Daily Grind, Easter Boarder, Maul’s Bike Shop, Circuit BMX and Skater’s Edge.
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Animal Flicker Life – 2013 Philly Street Jam

Animal Bikes dropped a nice photo gallery from the 2013 street jam that happened this past Friday nigh in Philadelphia. The jam was a big success, full of riders and full of amazing riding. You gotta go to their site to check out all the goodness.

Animal “What’s Good With” – Steven Hamilton

This version of Animal Bikes’ “What’s Good With” interview is different than previous ones, because Steven Hamilton interviewed himself and he did a pretty long interview. Find out all about his yellow bike, new tricks, the video he is working on and a lot more.

Animal Bikes – Back To School 2013 Lookbook

Animal Bikes’ all new Back To School 2013 collection of T-shirts and hats is available now and you should start contacting your local shops, or favorite mail orders to get your hands on all these new products. Animal never disappoints with their products and this line is no different. And this is just the BTS collection, there will be plenty more stuff from this brand coming for the fall/winter, but you will need to wait for this for a couple more weeks/months.
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Animal Bikes Flicker Life – QSS 5 “The Price Is Wrong” Joints

A nice little photo gallery that includes photos that were shot while filming for the Animal Bikes’ QSS 5 “The Price Is Wrong” video and during their Argentina 2013 trip. Dave Belcher, Steven Hamilton, Tom White, Jeff Martin, Jared Washington and more are featured on the photos.

Jamie Gonzalez Welcome To Animal Bikes

Jamie Gonzalez is Animal Bikes’ newest international rider through the Action BMX Shop and this is his welcome to the team edit. I don’t know where this was all filmed, but the spots in here are amazing and they get even more amazing when Jamie is shredding them. His freecoaster style of riding is really clean and he does a few big moves in here also. Enjoy.
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