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Animal Bikes – Steven Hamilton For His Signature Pedals

We were not seeing much from Steven Hamilton over the past couple of years, but this year things changed. He is dropping edits like crazy and almost every single one is longer than two minutes. This is his new one, original as usual, bringing back his style and promoting his signature Animal Bikes pedals. One more stunt he needs to bring back and it is nose manual.
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Closed Course With Animal Bikes

The Animal Bikes crew recently threw a private session down at the 5050 indoor skatepark in Staten, Islans, New York. It is always awesome watching these guys ride, because each has his own style of riding and completely different than his team mate’s. Riding from Oba Stanley, Jeff Kocsis, Tyrone Williams, Jared Washington and more.
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Mark Gralla Bike Check

Head over to the Animal Bikes web site to check out what Mark Gralla is currently riding. This is pretty much an Animal Bikes and Skavenger built and it sure is a street machine.

Animal Bikes – Filip “Piastun” Malina 2013 Edit

Animal Bikes shredder through All Day shop Filip “Piastun” Malina hitting streets of Poznan, Poland for his 2013 web edit for his sponsor. Dude knows how to get tricks done with use of his pegs and also likes getting technical and pulling long double peg grinds. Solid.
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The Animal Bikes Team Is Coming To Shields Skatepark

All the Shields Skatepark locals get stoked. The Animal Bikes crew will be there on Saturday, July 13th, 2013 from 6 to 10pm. This is a great opportunity to meet the prose and to get a session done with them.

Animal Bikes – Independence Day Sale

From July 4th to July 7th Animal Bikes is offering you a 15% discount on all orders over $50. If you are right in time of buying some new stuff from Animal, now is your chance to get thing a bit cheaper.

Animal Reminisce – Nigel Sylvester And Dig 55 Ad

Animal Bikes caught up with Nigel Sylvester to talk about his Dig 55 print ad. He was 18 years old back than and didn’t really knew what to do with his life, he was going to college for business and stayed there for almost two years. Find out more up on Animal.

Animal Bikes – Edwin De La Rosa Grips Limited Color Run

Animal Bikes released a limited run on some old Edwin De La Rosa grip that are available now, but only for as long as supply last. You can now pick Edwin grips in burgundy, brown, olive, clear, or gold. Hurry up, or you will gonna loose the game.

Dave Belcher Animal Bikes Ad

Dave Belcher going with style in the northeast Philly for Animal Bikes’ latest print ad that ran in the Dig issue 94 to promote the Action bar.

Animal Bikes – Steven Hamilton Signature Pedals Promo

Animal Bikes is out with a quick promotional edit featuring Steven Hamilton promoting his signature pedals, that was made using leftover footage from his QSS 5 part. The quick x-up wallride and all other Hamilton-style tricks are always a joy to watch. The word is saying that Steven is busy at the moment filming for a new Animal web edit, so stay tuned, or watch this one on repeat till it drops.
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